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Just as a place-holder for now, here's some information:

1 Current affiliations

You can find out more about my projects on the Projects page.

2 Recent grants I've contributed to or held

3 Previously

I originally studied physics and astronomy at the University of Sussex (1992-1995), before moving more into theoretical physics and mathematics at Hamburg University, where I graduated on the subject of conformal quantum field theory (1998).

I then moved towards fluid dynamics and environmental science during my Phd at the Department for Applied Mathematics and Theoretical Physics at the University of Cambridge, writing on aspects of the global circulation of our atmosphere (2002). After the Phd I did research work on wave propagation in the atmosphere (until 2006). The high up bits of our atmosphere are much like a vertical beach on which waves are breaking, shuffling around CFC and working on climate change. My out of date atmospheric science homepage is here.

During my PhD I've also started to work on educational issues, looking at undergraduate mathematics education (2001-2003). Since 2004 I gradually moved more into education, as well as media production, with the Science Media Network, and also at CARET.