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OER4Schools (since 2009)
ORBIT (2011-2012)
ANTSIT (2010-2011)
UNESCO Access2OER (2009)
Samfya (2008-2011)
Steeple (2008-2010)
CamTV (2008-2010)
ICTP WS (2007)
OpenLearning (2007-now)
VideoUnit (2006-2013)
Video Hosting (2005/2006)
ScienceLive (2005-now)
MediaPlayer (2003-2010)
BlueSci (2002-2005)

The Cambridge University MediaPlayer at http://mediaplayer.group.cam.ac.uk is a companion site to ScienceLive, using the same technology (see ScienceLive). However, while ScienceLive is primarily about bringing resources together, the MediaPlayer is an experiment in resource sharing.

See also the Steeple podcast portal: http://podcast.steeple.org.uk.